Heating and Cooling Installations, Service and Repairs

Here at Lynchburg HVAC we work hard to stay on top of every change or technological advancement that pertains to Heating and Cooling your home or business. We believe its not only a matter of what we can do to meet your needs today, but we’re looking out for you tomorrow as well. We offer new system installation as well as system maintenance and expert repairs. Improvements to technology mean New Ways to Save while keeping your comfort needs as our top priority.

System Enhancements

With saving your money always as our goal, system add-ons such as: Whole house humidification, programmable thermostats, zoning and many others we can increase your level of comfort while decreasing your total energy consumption.

New and Replacement Systems

We understand that times are tough financially for many families. But when the time comes to replace your inefficient system we can help. It is really important to choose a new or replacement system that meets your home's specific needs.

Your system must be built for you home. If it is too large it will cost you more without any added benefit and if it is too small for your property it will struggle to keep the temperature right. Energy consumption and efficiency is a top priority for an efficient HVAC system. Your old system is probably causing your bill to go up. A new system can dramatically lower your utility costs.

System Maintenance and Repairs

With the right maintenance contract you can enjoy years of quality service from a new unit, saving you a lot of money in the long run. Your heating and cooling systems are delicate pieces of equipment, each having an average lifespan of around 15 years.

Which in the big picture isn't long at all. Over time the energy and efficiency of these systems gradually deteriorate until it's time for you to replace your unit entirely. At Lynchburg HVAC new system installation is only the beginning. We work hard to keep your equipment in perfect working condition so it will require fewer repairs, last longer, and all the while helping you conserve energy.

We provide expert heating and cooling system repairs on all makes and models of these as well as other comfort systems:

  • Forced Hot Air Systems
  • Hot Water Systems
  • Steam Heating Systems
  • Central Air
  • Heat Pumps
  • Ductless Air

Air Conditioning Repairs

Imagine; It's a sweltering summer day, but you were lucky enough to have been sitting in your air conditioned office for the last 8 hours. You leave work only to go home and find that your air conditioner has stopped working. At times like this the solution is only a phone call away. Here at Lynchburg HVAC we work hard to get your system up and running in no time so you and your family can relax comfortably and worry about more important things.

The most common problems that occur with Air Conditioning systems are:

Your condenser stops running - This is most likely caused by a faulty motor and or compressor. We will come and look at your system, determine what work needs to be done, and get you back on track in no time at all.

Uneven Cooling - Do you have some rooms in your home that refuse to cool as well as others? We can help to balance your system out and stabilize the temperatures in every room.

The temperature just isn't cool enough - In most cases this occurs because the evaporator coil has become to dirty, we can come clean this out and get you back and running. However if your system still isn't running at its optimum speed we can help to recommend a new, more efficient system specially for your home.

Heating Repair

At Lynchburg HVAC we have the experience and skilled technicians to repair any type of heating system your home or office has. Occasionally the problem is as simple as a dirty filter or furnace. After a thorough inspection of your unit we can have you up and running in just a few hours.

Ductless Air Systems

Have you built an addition to your home or office? Or do you currently have one room that central air conditioning just can't reach? Ductless Air Systems is one of the newest technologies available in situations like this. Ductless Systems are designed to reach one or two rooms. They do come with an outside unit, but unlike central air systems the cool air isn't entered into the room through your current ducts, but rather from a wall mounted vent.

The benefits of Ductless Air Systems are invaluable. Not only are they very energy efficient, there's no unattractive window unit. This system will allow you to concentrate the cool air to one or more rooms rather then the whole house. You also have the choice to buy one cooling system or opt to purchase on that provides both heating and cooling. These ductless systems are also programmable and can operate by remote.

System 2000

How can one system save you so much money, even in the face or increasing fuel costs? Now you can upgrade your existing water heater and boiler, furnace or heat pump to a single high efficiency system engineered to deliver high performance and exceptional fuel efficiency and economy. System 2000 combines heat and hot water with a single high efficiency appliance to maximize efficiency in all seasons, with the additional benefits of virtually unlimited hot water and whisper quiet operation.

System 2000 is designed for use with conventional heat and hot water systems for homes, buildings, pools, spas, snow melt systems and more. It's also fuel neutral and runs on natural gas, propane and oil heat. System 2000 cuts fuel bills with proven performance in the field and is rated number one in U.S. Department of Energy Laboratory studies, which means you can rely on high efficiency operation.

Plus nearly 30 years of field experience, specially formulated steel construction, and precision engineering enables System 2000 to deliver virtually unlimited hot showers and whisper quiet operation. Your heating/hot water system is a lifetime investment, but it takes only a few minutes to learn which one is right for you!