about our company

About Us and What We Do

Lynchburg HVAC Heating and Cooling has been installing and servicing heating and air conditioning systems for nearly 6 years. Our team of is a mix of ambitious professionals, with a wealth of skill, all of whom have earned Lynchburg HVAC a remarkable reputation. Lynchburg HVAC operates with a deep foundation of unwavering ethics, and quality workmanship.

Lynchburg HVAC is privately owned. Owner, operator, designer, salesman; from service and repair, to installation and duct work, we can do it all. Our guys are trained to industry standards to deliver high quality results.

Service and Repair

Our service and repair team is hard working and dedicated to customer satisfaction, and reliable workmanship.

HVAC Installations

Our fantastic installation crews are well trained in every aspect of heating and cooling. From boilers, furnaces, condensers and duct work, our guys will make your installation process go smoothly, and give a final product to be proud of.